Great! That's what you were looking for, right?

We can almost hear you: "Where is the price? do they have special offers and group rebates? How about if I book six years in advance, do I get a discount?".

OK, slow down...

Actually, we used NOT to have a page about rates on our website. Then now and then we received emails from disappointed visitors, who simply "had to give it up" and who felt that "if it isn't there, it's just too expensive to start with!" ...

We have been very sorry to learn that the lack of pricing information have caused such a distressing experience on our website. So, here we are...


Our rates vary quite a lot according to a number of reasons: the season, the length of your stay, eventual utilities and extra services available, special offers at the time of your inquiry, etc. etc.

Sincerely, we prefer to encourage a more direct personal contact instead of making a boring and lengthy list of prices to be updated more and more frequently every month.

Please, send us an and let's see what we can do for you.

Isn't much better to relate to an human than to read lines of numbers on a computer screen? If you don't think so, please, kindly keep searching. :-)