Is Rome safe?

We have had several residents of crime-filled New York, Philadelphia, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta ask us “Is Rome safe?"

YES! All of Italy is safer than most places, specially the US. You can walk down the darkest alleyway at 2am, and even if you don’t feel safe, you are safe.

"What about all the crime we hear about in Italy?" Our answer: What crime are you talking about?

Now, we’re not naive about issues of crime.We’ve had friends robbed, pickpocketed, pursesnatched, and scammed in various and sundry ways. Yes, in Rome and in other Italian cities as well. We even know people who got their home robbed while they were watching TV in the other room or swimming in their pool! BUT...

Two points: The first is that even though we have stories to tell, I don’t think we’ve known of 10 such things happen over our lifetimes (and we are not that young anymore...). Second, unlike in the US, your life is never in danger. No one is going to kill you for $3. No one is gratuitously, just for the fun of it, going to cause you grievous physical harm because he wants your gold necklace. That is the major difference between crime in Italy and crime in the US.

What about gypsies? We hate to say it, but gypsies are omnipresent in large Italian cities. Little children and their mothers/cousins/etc. will sometimes panhandle and be more insistent than you might like. Screaming works.

To conclude: if you are a normal, not so gallable and not completely naive kind of individual you should not have any worries about safety in Rome. Specially in this area.