What if we have to cancel?
How about the possibility of rescheduling?

What if we have to cancel?

If you have to cancel, and we are able to re-rent the property, we will give you a full refund less a nominal fee for our time and costs.

If we are not able to re-rent the flat, we will not be able to give you a refund and we will bill you for the entire rental period. Why? We have counted on your booking. We have not offered the apartment to other guests, have dismissed similar inquiries and now face the loss of dearly needed income.

How can you protect yourself against cancellation? For a legitimate reason like illness or death or otherwise, you can and should protect yourself by purchasing trip cancellation insurance. Forms to apply for such policies are readily available through travel agencies.

If your reason for cancellation is that you’ve changed your mind and want to go to Venice instead, you can’t protect yourself. You just take the loss.

Please, read again the above paragraphs -- carefully. We do mean it: if we cannot find a replacement, you will be charged for the full rental just as if you were here.

During the many years we have had Rome is Home, this actually has happened only once. Other times we have solved the problem calling back other potential guests who had inquired about the same period, or we suddenly had a last minute call for just that specific week. That one time it was very hard for us, we perfectly understood the motivations of our guest's cancellation, but we were simply unable to find anybody ready to book three weeks in October with two days' notice. Not a nice situation for neither of us, believe us.

You have to remember that booking our apartment you are dealing with a tiny small family business with only one single apartment for rent, not a major hotel chain or an agency with several dozens rentals on offer. If we lose a booking we lose an important source of income from our monthly family budget. We simply cannot afford that. Surely, you understand.

How about the possibility of rescheduling in the case of cancellation? Can we apply the rent we paid on the original booking to a future reservation?

No. Once you make a booking, the flat is taken off the market. If you cancel and want to rebook, we are penalized a second time by reserving another period for you. We’d love it if you rebooked, but you must start a new booking and pay a new deposit.

Sometimes, it is possible that the rental amount you paid can be applied to a rental in the off season. And by off season, we don’t mean Christmas or Easter or April or October; those are heavily booked periods. It means winter and, in some cases, August. And sometimes, we’re able to make an arrangement whereby the amount you paid can be applied to a future rental, even in high season, if that second booking occurs no more than 6 or 8 weeks in advance.

We’re willing to discuss the possibilities. But there are no guarantees and the decision on this is entirely up to us. Any accommodation made to you, in the event of cancellation without your having purchased trip cancellation insurance, is simply a favor to you and is not yours by right..