Expectations and Reality

We’re planning to bring our laptop computer. Can we hook it up in the rental?
We’re not bringing a computer. Will the house have one so that we can check our emails?
Will/Can the flat have ...
Will there be soap and toilet paper?


We believe in being completely candid with you. When we say our place is "lovely" or "fantastic", we mean it. When we say it's "exclusive", we mean it. But we and you may have vastly different definitions of these words, and it is extremely important that we understand our respective standards. When we say "simple", we don't envision Laura Ashley. If you do, then please say so.

Whom do we call if something goes wrong?

Us two: Massimo and Biancamaria, no others. We do try to be responsible folks who will attend to whatever it is immediately. You depend on us to resolve problems, we know that and we do try. If something happens, though, remember that in Italy, “immediately” is a relative term. If it’s a Sunday in August, it’s not going to get attended to until Monday at the earliest, even if we do our damnedest to resolve the matter.

It’s very, very rare for us to have a problem which can’t be resolved. Indeed, it’s very rare to have a problem at all. But if you encounter something that needs attention, please calls us at once. We repeat: call us at once. It is quite disappointing to find out at the end of a few weeks rental that "we were not able to start the heating" or (as somebody wrote in a review) "the apartment needs an extra blanket". Why didn't you call us at once? We could not expect you needed an extra blanket in September, but we surely would have brought it to you in no time!

Thus we repeat again: if you encounter something that needs attention, please calls us at once.

We’re planning to bring our laptop computer. Can we hook it up in the flat?

Yes, we do provide free WI-FI internet connection. Italian providers are not the best in the world, though. Our contract says 4Mb/sec, but be prepared for a much slower connection. No problems for email and surfing, but if you absolutely need to send very large files (over 10MB) it might become a boring affair.

Joe Brancatelli of www.joesentme.com has sponsored the flat with a lovely little WI-FI modem, giving everybody the possibility to hook up her laptop/iPhone/iPad/Blackberry etc. in no time and with no wires around. By the way, when you have time, do visit Joe's website. Even if aimed to the business traveller, it's a great reference for travelling in general and you can find lots of up-to-date informations about airlines, special deals etc. Thank you Joe!

Now, just one thing: it is not our responsibility to get you hooked up. You have to come able and prepared to get yourself up and running, and prepared to call and pay for your own technician to get you going if need be. For one thing, you’re going to need an adapter plug for the electric current. Not a voltage adapter, but rather just a plug which transforms the shape of your American plug to be able to insert it into the Italian wall outlet. Most laptops use both 110 and 220 current interchangeably, but you MUST make certain of this; we will not be responsible for computer damage due to a computer’s being configured only for 110v current..

We’re not bringing a computer. Will the apartment have one so that we can check our email?

No. It would open us – and you – to receiving all sorts of viruses, not to mention repair costs. Rome has more internet points per square mile than most cities in Europe. Near the apartment there are three that we know of, but more and more are opening every week. Having an internet connection in Rome is definitely not a problem anymore.

Will/Can the flat have ...

Washing Machine. Yes. Just remember, though, in Italy a washing machine cycle takes up to 2 hours. So don’t fiddle with it because you think it’s taking too long. Once the cycle is complete, you most often have to push the power button to “off” and then WAIT FOR UP TO 5 MINUTES BEFORE OPENING THE WASHING MACHINE’S DOOR If you force the door, the machine will need repair at your cost.

Clothes Dryer. YES, actually the washing machine is a washer/dryer type, and this is a true rarity in our country. Italians don’t believe in dryers, preferring to hang clothes out in the open air or, in inclement weather, on a drying rack inside. It took us several weeks to order our washer/dryer. Consider yourself really fortunate!

Dishwasher. Yes.

WI-FI. Yes.

Microwave Oven. Yes.

Conventional Oven. No, sorry. Your major Thanksgiving dinner will have to wait until you'll be back at home...

Cell Phone. Yes. We provide a courtesy cell phone with an Italian number and unlimited free incoming calls for all our guests. You can easily top up the card's credit in many shops around and yes, you can call abroad with it.

Hairdryer. Yes.

Iron and Ironing Board. Yes.

Makeup Mirror. No.

American coffee maker. You’re going to Italy to drink Maxwell House? Well, ok - if you insist. We have provided the kitchen with an American-style drip coffeemaker and a small supply of filters, so don't worry about that either.

Answering Machine. No.

Blender. No, but if you are staying for a few months and really are dying for it, we may find one.

Baby’s crib/cot and/or highchair. No, but if you are staying for a few weeks and you really need it, we may find one. Recently, we have found a great little company offering baby gear rental in Rome: BabyRiders.it Do visit their site, and contact Valeria. She's definitely the right person for you.

Will there be soap and toilet paper?

Yes. But this is not a hotel. This is a self-catering accommodation. The rule is: Replace what you use, and if you run out, go buy it yourself. We do provide a small initial supply of bar soap and toilet paper. Coffee filters, salt and pepper, sugar, olive oil, espresso coffee, teabags, some dried spices, candles, and kitchen matches are generally always present. Nevertheless, the guest before you might not have had the time (or the fantasy) to replace what was there when she/he arrived, so you should be prepared to have to go out and get some things yourself.