Doron and Josette's tips & directions

from Toronto, Canada

Posted on SlowTravel, 12 May 2005

We stayed at Rome is Home for 10 days in early May. After using my GSM phone to have Massimo guide the cab driver to the one-way Via dei Chiavari, the de Majo family was waiting for us, waving from the fourth floor above. As we stepped in the apartment, we stepped into a vision of light: the apartment is literally drenched in light, thanks to the array of windows, its exposure, and its being above the line of rooftops all around. The location is ideal, being equidistant at about 5 minutes walk from either Campo de’ Fiori, Largo Argentina, Piazza Navona or the Pantheon. Can’t think of a more pleasant base to return to after hours of exploration in Rome, whether to set up a quick cold meal, or cook if the fancy so takes you, after shopping at the friendly Forno Roscioli (where we found a “paisan” from Vancouver via Montreal) and the Enoteca Salumeria Roscioli, or earlier in the morning in the Campo. In due course I will write a full review but, in the meantime, we can’t recommend enough this delightful apartment..

Here are a few directions from the door of the apartment to some useful places around:

- Turn left and on your right down the street is the Forno (Antico Forno Roscioli) bakery;
- Go on to the end of the street and right in front of you, on Via dei Giubbonari, you have the Enoteca Salumeria Roscioli;
- From the same point, a few more steps on the left is the coffee bar/pasticceria Bernasconi;
- Three left turns will take you to the supermercato;
- Left to the end of Chiavari and then right on Giubbonari will take you to Campo de' Fiori;
- Turn right and you get to Sant’ Andrea della Valle and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II;
- From San Andrea, the first stoplight on the left will take you straight into Piazza Navona;
- From the same point, the first stoplight to the right will take you to the Pantheon;
- If you need an ATM, two left turns from the apartment take you to Largo Argentina, where you have two banks: BNL and Unipol, if I am not mistaken.
- Turn left and go no further than the first corner and stop at Bar Rossana, where, hands full with fresh bread and rolls from Forno Roscioli, I would have my first cappuccino of the day, and sometimes the last espresso

Life thus becomes quite simple and you can concentrate your attention on Rome.

Tip: plan for lots of walking, have good, comfortable shoes.